Power of the Pivot podcast Alicia Webb and Constance Craig-Mason

The Power of the Pivot:
A Podcast with Alicia Webb

Featuring: Constance Craig-Mason, President

Money Concepts


Dr. Constance Craig-Mason, MRFC® is the CEO of Concierge Financial Group Agency and the President of Money Concepts Wealth Management & Financial Planning. As a dedicated Financial Advisor, passionate international speaker, and an eight-time bestselling author, she teaches her clients to correctly manage their money so they can live the life they want without worry.

She has received numerous awards for community impact in her field including a medallion “In Recognition of Excellence, Service & Sacrifice” from the Comptroller of Maryland. Dr. Constance has also received an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy for her eminent contributions to financial literacy, financial advancement, and entrepreneurship empowerment. She is a 2022 honoree of the Association of African American Financial Advisors’ 50 Under 50.

She talks through her journey of a childhood in poverty to helping people achieve financial independence.